RPN-55 SD Sample Programs

While you can recover the sample programs from within RPN-55, this procedure shows you how to download the entire collection as well as individual programs from this website.

On the computer:
Tap the button below to download the folder Sample Programs (see numbered steps.)
Or download the single program Hyperbolic Functions.

After extracting the programs from the ZIP file, you have several options to transfer them to RPN-55 on your iPhone:
- iTunes File sharing
- AirDrop
- E-mail

On the iPhone:
Tap one of the buttons below.
Since the files are ZIP-compressed, make sure your iPhone can handle ZIP files. If not, install an app that can, such as iZip (shown below).

RPN-55 SD Sample Programs
Hyperbolic Functions
(single program)

Most of the sample programs appeared in the books HP-55 Mathematics Programs (2/75) and HP-55 Statistics Programs (5/75).
These programs are identified by a signature at the bottom, e.g. (M-142) would mean "Mathematics Programs", page 142.
A very few were modified for easier use, taking advantage of the larger program memory of RPN-55.
(Books kindly contributed by Roland K.)

HP-55 Mathematics Programs HP-55 Statistics Programs

After pressing "Download", this screen opens.
Select a program to open ZIP files (use "Moreā€¦" if necessary.)
iZip opens, creating or opening the folder named "RPN-55 Programs"
Tap Cancel or OK.
Select the file by tapping the circle to its left.
If it's still zipped, tap Unzip at the bottom.
With the file selected, tap Open in at the bottom.
You can view the file as text.
To send it to RPN-55, tap Open in.
Tap "Copy to RPN-55 SD".
RPN-55 SD opens, switching to PRGM if necessary. Tap OK.
Long-press the display, then Paste.
Tap the display to see the program.

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