Calculates x% of y. The stack remains unchanged.
Percent Difference
Calculates the percent difference between y and x. The stack remains unchanged.
Clears the stack and the special storage registers related to financial functions (top row).
Exchange x and y
Swaps the contents of stack registers X and Y.
Roll Down
Rolls down and displays the stack registers in last-in, first-out order. Returns to original position with every fourth roll down operation.
Store Number
Followed by M or K: stores the displayed number in register M or K.
Recall register K
Recalls and displays the value stored in register K. Note that K is set automatically to 12 by default - useful for calculations involving interest rates and compounding periods.
Fixed Decimal Notation
Shows the display value rounded to the number of decimal places specified.
Scientific Notation
Shows the display in scientific notation, without trailing zeros.
Recall Register M
Recalls and displays the value stored in register M.
Adds the display value to storage register M and shows the result in the display.
    (HP-70 HD: only if "Use Registers R0...R9" is on):
Store Number in Register
Followed by 0, 1, 2, ... 9, stores displayed value in numbered register.
Recall Number from Register
Followed by 0, 1, 2, ... 9, recalls value from numbered register.

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