RPN-32 CE Program Examples

Most of pre-installed programs of RPN-32 are direct translations of HP-25 programs.

You can restore them anytime by tapping Add Sample Programs on the program list screen.
Note that programs already on the list are not restored, so any changes you may have made to them are preserved.

Details about these programs may be found in "HP-25 Applications Programs" (Hewlett-Packard, 1975), available here (section Calculator Software Manuals).

Converting HP-25 programs

HP-32E was the non-programmable successor of the HP-25. RPN-32 CE, with its added programmability, can therefore run most HP-25 programs with little modification. Since RPN-32 has twice as many program steps, workarounds are easy to implement. Programs involving statistical functions must take into account the following altered register mappings:



R0 R0  
R1 R1  
R2 R2  
R3 R.0 n
R4 R.3 ∑y
R5 R.5 ∑xy
R6 R.2 ∑x²
R7 R.1 ∑x
(R.4) (∑y²)

Original HP-25 version:

RPN-32 version:

Downloading programs

While you can recover the sample programs from within RPN-32, this procedure shows you how you would download the programs from the Internet.

Tap the button below to download the sample programs to your computer or directly to your iPhone.

On the computer:
After extracting the programs from the ZIP file, you have several options to transfer them to RPN-32 on your iPhone:
- iTunes File sharing
- AirDrop
- E-mail

On the iPhone:
Since the files are ZIP-compressed, make sure your iPhone can handle ZIP files. If not, install an app that can, such as iZip, iFiles, WinZip, ZipApp Free, Informant, or GoodReader, to name a few.


1. In Safari, tap the Download button above.

2. On this iPhone, Informant offers to open the file. Let's use iZip instead.

3. Tap Open in... The Share dialog appears:

4. Tap Copy to iZip and confirm that you would like to unzip all files.

5. Tap the RPN-32 Programs list entry to see a list of all programs:

6. Tap the empty circle to the left of the program you want to download.
Then tap "Open In" at the bottom of the screen.
(Alternatively, you may tap the list entry, then use "Open In" in the "Sorry!" dialog that comes up.)

7. Tap Copy to RPN-32 CE. You're taken to the calculator.

8. Tap OK. The calculator switches to program mode, if necessary.
Long-press the display, as instructed.

9. Tap Paste to import the program.

10. Tap the display once to see the imported program (picture at left).

11. (Optional) Tap Export to save the program permanently on the iPhone.



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