If ON, the calculator works in a much improved and expanded mode. For details see the page "Super-45".
Fast Calculations
If ON, the simulator performs calculations at the full speed of the iPad (orders of magnitude faster than the HP-45).
Hyperbolic Functions
If ON, the shifted function of the key EEX is used as prefix for hyperbolic functions. The grads mode (GRD) is no longer available.
Timer Function
  12: Stopwatch counts up to 12:59:59.99, then wraps around to 01:00:00.00
100: Stopwatch counts up to 99:59:59:99, then wraps around to 00:00:00.00
Chess: Use the timer as a game clock (see section "Timer")
Sound Volume
Set the volume of the key-click and other sounds.
Large Display Digits
If ON, large iPad-generated digits are used in place of the original HP LEDs.
If the printer is set to Visible, RPN-45 HD works in most ways like the HP-91.
In particular, if Super-45 is off, very small numbers are not shown as 0, but in SCI 9 display format.
Select the Ribbon color (black or blue), and the way negative results are presented (red or normal).
All three printer modes of the HP-91 are available:
  • MAN
    The printer only prints after tapping Print x or executing STK/REG.
  • TRACE (called ALL on the HP-91)
    The printer prints all entries, operations, and intermediate and final results.
  • NORM
    The printer prints entries and operations, but no intermediate and final results. Use Print x to print final results. Display format changes, like FIX 2, are not printed.

The Up-arrow advances the paper tape by one line. Keep the key depressed for auto-repeat.
Swiping left across any line allows you to delete the line.
Use TXT to write arbitrary text on the paper tape. In addition, iOS 8 and later allows you to insert the text above any line, or to insert a blank line anywhere (swipe left across line to see these commands.)
Background Image
Select one of 30 images, or use your own. To install your own image or pattern:
  • Save the image (.jpg or .png) to a location accessible by the iPad, e.g. iCloud Drive.
  • Open the app Files on your iPad.
  • Move the image to the RPN-45 HD folder.
  • Quit and restart RPN-45 HD – your image is now available as "User" (number 0.)
  • The image appears as userBg in the RPN-45 folder.
    The original image may be deleted.
Note that images larger than 1400x1400 pixels are ignored.
Smaller images are repeated as often as required to fill the entire background area.
Vintage HP-45
Press this button to cause the simulator to behave like the original HP-45. The navigation bar turns red as a warning that the current user settings will be lost after saving. In addition, restarting the calculator will clear all memory.

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