Settings — Adapting RPN-65 to your needs

Settings are accessed by tapping the cog-wheel in the upper left corner. Tap "Save" to apply your changes, "Cancel" to exit without changing any setting.

Select the desired level of enhancements to the basic HP-65 here.

See section "Operation" for details.


On the HP-65, single-stepping a program treats subroutines as a single instruction,
making it difficult to debug subroutines.
Turning this setting to ON allows you to single-step into subroutines.


Turn this ON to see results with thousand's separators.


Blue key front functions on certain keys may be a bit hard to read. You can set RPN-65
to reveal the functions on top of the keys, as long as the g prefix key is active.

Never: Key front functions are not revealed
Lower: Only the functions on the white number keys are revealed
All: All functions are revealed


Show iPad-generated digits instead of HP-LEDs.


Show warning dialog before overwriting calculator memory.


Set the volume of the keyclick sound to your liking, or turn it off altogether.


Select the printer's ribbon color (black, blue or green). Print negative results in red.


Select your favorite background pattern here. To load your own background image:

Note that images with dimensions larger than 1024x768 are ignored.
Smaller images are repeated as necessary to fill the entire background area.
To remove a user image, simply install a 1x1 pixel image. Download


These two buttons select predefined RPN-65 settings.

Vintage HP-65
This setting most closely simulates a real HP-65.
Required to run some vintage programs correctly.

Modern HP-65
Default setting recommended for most users.


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