RPN-34 CE Programs

RPN-34 comes with a number of pre-installed programs taken from the following books published by Hewlett-Packard.
(Italicized titles will be part of v1.1 of RPN-34C. Use the link at right to download them now.)

HP-34C Applications (May 1979) – PDF [80 MB]
HP-34C Surveying Applications (June 1981) – PDF [122 MB]
HP-34C Student Engineering Applications (August 1979) – PDF [80 MB]

HP-34C Mathematics Applications (September 1979) – PDF [95 MB]
HP-34C Statistics Applications (September 1979) – PDF [96 MB]

(Manuals kindly provided by Sylvain Côté)      

All programs feature a short description and are ready to run. They are named like this:

[A52]-Timers: refers to the program "Timers" on page 52 of the Applications book
[M28]-Vector Operations: refers to the program "Vector Operations" on page 28 of the Mathematics Applications book
[St39]-F Distribution: refers to the program "F Distribution" on page 39 of the Statistics Applications book
[Sd31]-Equations of Motion: refers to the program "Equations of Motion" on page 31 of the Student Engineering Applications book
[Su43]-Curve Solutions: refers to the program "Curve Solutions" on page 43 of the Surveying Applications book

You can restore the programs anytime by tapping Add (or Reload) Sample Programs on the program list screen.
Note that programs already on the list are not restored, so any changes you may have made to them are preserved.

The The Museum of HP Calculators offers HP-34C handbooks in several languages.

Downloading programs

While you can recover the sample programs from within RPN-34, this procedure shows you how you would download the programs from the Internet.

Tap the button below to download the sample programs to your computer or directly to your iPhone.

On the computer:
After extracting the programs from the ZIP file, you have several options to transfer them to RPN-34 on your iPhone:
- iTunes File sharing
- AirDrop
- E-mail

On the iPhone:
Since the files are ZIP-compressed, make sure your iPhone can handle ZIP files. If not, install an app that can, such as iZip, iFiles, WinZip, ZipApp Free, Informant, or GoodReader, to name a few.

How to load zipped programs from the Web into RPN-34
1. In Safari, tap the Download button. 2. Unzip the file. 3. It it's a folder, open it.
4. Choose the program you want to import. 5. Select "Open in other app…". 6. Tap "Copy to RPN-34 CE".
7. RPN-34 opens automatically. Tap "OK". 8. Long-press display. Tap "Paste". 9. The program is stored. Last step is shown..

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