Sharing RPN-34 CE Programs

In addition to importing and exporting a program, as described under "Programming", there more ways to get data in and out of RPN-34 CE

Copy and Paste display

In RUN Mode:

    In PRGM Mode:

      You may even paste a multi-line program snippet copied by the Share action "Copy" (see below).

      If the data on the pasteboard contains an RPN-34 program file in XML format ("*.rpn34"), pasting replaces the entire program, including title, description, modification date, and – if available – register values.

      If the data on the pasteboard represents program steps in text format – for example, after using the command PCut – pasting may take place anywhere in the program. Title, description, and modification date remain unchanged. This feature makes it easy to reuse program snippets.

      Using the Share button

      A number of sharing options are available. Some involve only the program code (text or XML), some only the metadata (title, description), some all parts.

      Cut/Copy/Paste display value
      The display value (stack register X) may be put onto or read from the iPhone's pasteboard:
      The current step may be copied or cut (removed):
      Sharing program and metadata
      Tap the Share button (top-right) to access various services like Copy, Print, Mail, Dropbox:

Using Dropbox

If you have saved programs to your Dropbox account (make sure they have the extension ".rpn34"), open the Dropbox app on your iPhone. Select the desired program and tap the Link button. Tap "Open In...", then "Copy to RPN-34 CE":

RPN-34 CE opens in program mode. Long-press the display and paste.
Any previous program will be replaced.
If the program was saved with registers, their values will be imported as well.



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