Program Library 1 for RPN-67 & 97

Please note:
For copyright reasons, documentation is not available for download. User's manuals in PDF format for all programs listed below
are available from The Museum of HP Calculators.

You may import cards into RPN-67 or RPN-97 – no manual conversion is required.
See section "Sharing" to learn how to load cards.

Pacs marked with a card image are presented using "real" cards (courtesy of Mark S. Puscas.)

Note to "Legendary-67" users:
A number of the programs provided below will not run correctly on "Legendary-67", the HP-67 simulator for iPhone. Some will not run at all.
This is due to implementation issues with that simulator. Programs are identical to those published by Hewlett-Packard, unmodified except where noted in the description. All of them have been verified to execute successfully on RPN-67 Pro.

Empty Databases    
Empty DB for RPN-67 An empty database for RPN-67 Pro and SD
Empty DB for RPN-97 An empty database for RPN-97

Sample Cards    
Extended Functions
July 7, 2014
Demonstrates some extended features, including printing text, plotting, handling extended memory registers, and using constants.
Extended Functions 2
Dec 9, 2017
Enhanced version of Extended Functions.
Requires RPN-67/97 v4.3 or later (v2.3 or later for iPhone).
Apr 4, 2014
Fibonacci number generator. Taken from "HP-67 Owner's Handbook", page 248, to demonstrate "rapid reverse branching". Added code shows how to change and restore program memory size under program control.
Gamma Function
Apr 4, 2014
Calculates the Gamma function for any real argument. Copied from an HP-97 listing and pasted into RPN-67 without modification.
Manhattan Value
Feb 8, 2014
A simple program to teach looping. Taken from "HP-67 Owner's Handbook", page 217.
Merge Demo
April 9, 2017
This program demonstrates the programmed merge operations available on the HP-67. A program may be halted by MERGE, followed by a PAUSE command, waiting for user interaction. The user may:
• Enter a numeric value.
• Load a program replacing the program memory after the PAUSE command.
• Load a data card replacing a controlled number of registers.
Program execution then is resumed automatically.
Solar Position
July 7, 2014
Demonstrates use of RPN-67's "SOLAR" function to compute sunrise, sunset and more for any geographical location from 2000 B.C. to 6000 A.D. Based on algorithms developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, used by permission.
Solar Position 2
Aug 31, 2018
Improved version of Solar Position. Upon loading, automatically determines solar position applying to the current location and time. The printer is turned on and made visible, if necessary. Printed output shows use of inline text.
Requires RPN-67/97 v4.3 or later (v2.3 or later for iPhone).
Collatz Conjecture
July 5, 2016
Starting with an integer, creates a series of numbers by following a simple rule. The series invariably ends in 1 (although this is unproven.)
Rational Arithmetic in Floating-Point
Aug 1, 2016
This program calculates M/N := A/B ± C/D in lowest terms, given the integers A, B, C and D.
Character Set for TEXT
Aug 1, 2016
This program prints the character set available in the TEXT command along with the decimal equivalent of each character.
Direct Stack Access
Sep 12, 2017
Demonstrates register arithmetic with stack registers.
zDATA Tests
Sep 3, 2018
Demonstrates working with program-controlled data cards.
La Mer
Sep 18, 2018
Shows how to integrate an almost unlimited number of texts into a program by using data cards. The program creates the necessary data cards to print a poem by Oscar Wilde. It also demonstrates how to save all registers on a temporary data card for later restoring.
La Mer 2
Sep 18, 2018
Shows how to integrate an almost unlimited number of texts into a program by using data cards. The program creates the necessary data cards to print a poem by Oscar Wilde. It also demonstrates how to save all registers on a temporary data card for later restoring.

HP Standard Pac  
01 - Moving Average Follows trends in data.
02 - Tabulator Adds columns and rows simultaneously for tabular data.
03 - Curve Fitting
Aug 2, 2019
Fits straight lines and exponential, logarithmic or power curves to data.
With this update, erroneous data pairs may now be corrected as intended.
04 - Calendar Functions Calculates days between dates, a future date or past date, or day of the week.
05 - Annuities and Compound Amounts Solves problems involving annuities or compound amounts.
06 - Follow Me The programmable program.
07 - Triangle Solutions Solves for the unknowns of any defined plane triangle.
08 - Vector Operations Addition, cross product, dot product, and coordinate transformation for two-dimensional and three-dimensional vectors.
09 - Polynomial Evaluation Solves cubic and quadratic equations and evaluates up to third degree polynomials for arbitrary real values of x.
10 - Matrix Operations Finds determinant and inverse for 3 X 3 system. Also, allows multiplication of 3 x 3 matrix by column matrix.
11 - Calculus and Roots of f(x) Approximates the derivative of a function at a point, evaluates a function at a point, and approximates the integral over a finite interval for a user specified function f(x). Also, approximates real roots of f(x).
12 - English—SI Conversions (Metric Conv.) Common unit conversions.
13 - Arithmetic Teacher Generates addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems for preschool and elementary students.
14 - Moon Rocket Lander Exciting action game simulating landing a rocket on the moon.
15 - Diagnostic Program A
       Diagnostik-Programm B
       Diagnostic Program C
Checks calculator functions. Diagnostic Codes
(Virtually the same as version A – In German) Code-Zahlen
Checks calculator functions. Diagnostic Codes Error Codes


HP Business Decisions Pac
01 - Internal Rate of Return Yield of a sequence of uneven cash flows.
02 - Internal Rate of Return—Groups of Cash Flows Yield of groups of uneven cash flows.
03 - Discounted Cash Flow Analysis—Net Present Value Finds the net present value of future cash flows.
04 - Direct Reduction Loans—Sinking Fund Calculates days between dates, a future date or past date, or day of the week.
05 - Accumulated Interest/Remaining Balance Calculates accumulated interest and remaining balance, and generates an amortization schedule(s).
06 - Wrap-Around Mortgage Calculates yield of wrap-around mortgage.
07 - Constant Payment to Principal Loan Generates schedule for constant payment to principal loan.
08 - Add-on Rate Installment Loan/Rule of 78's Calculations involving add-on loans and loans using the rule of 78's.
09 - Savings Plan—Leases Solves problems involving payments at the beginning of the compounding periods (annuity due), and compounded amounts.
10 - Advance Payments Payment and yield calculations when additional payments are made in advance.
11 - Savings—Compounding Periods Different from Payment Periods Calculations when deposits and compounding periods differ.
12 - Simple Interest/Interest Conversions Simple interest calculations and nominal to effective interest rate conversions.
13 - Depreciation Schedules Straight line, SOYD, declining balance, and crossover between straight line and declining balance.
14 - Days Between Dates Calendar routine.
15 - Bond Price and Yield Calculates price and yield of semiannual coupon bonds.
16 - Interest at Maturity/Discounted Securities Price or yield of interest at maturity or discounted securities.
17 - Linear Regression—Exponential Curve Fit Fits a set of data points x, y to a straight line and a curve. Determines goodness of fit.
18 - Multiple Linear Regression Fits a set of data points x, y, z to a straight line. Also determines goodness of fit.
19 - Break-even Analysis Calculates all values for linear break-even chart.
20 - Invoicing Maintains net line totals, subtotal and grand total for invoicing.
21 - Payroll Guide for writing a payroll program.
22 - Inventory Guide for establishing an inventory program.

HP Civil Engineering Pac  
01 - Vector Statics Performs basic vector operations of addition, cross product, and dot product, and finds the angle between vectors.
02 - Section Properties (2 cards) The area, centroid, and moments of an arbitrarily complex polygon may be calculated using this program.
03 - Properties of Special Sections Section properties for rectangles, triangles, ellipses circles and concentric circles are provided by this program.
04 - Stress on an Element Reduces data from rosette strain gage measurement and performs Mohr circle analysis.
05 - Bending or Torsional Stress Solves either the bending stress equation (s = Mv/I) or the analogous torsional shear stress equation (s = TR/J) interchangeably for all variables.
06 - Linear or Angular Deformation This program solves for linear deflection under tensile load or the analogous angular deflection under torque. The solution is interchangeable between the five variables.
07 - Cantilever Beams Calculates deflection, slope, moment and shear for point, distributed, and moment loads applied to cantilever beams.
08 - Cantilever Beams—Trapezoidal Load Calculates deflection, slope, moment and shear for cantilever beams with distributed trapezoidal loads.
09 - Simply Supported Beams Calculates deflection, slope, moment, and shear for point, distributed, and moment loads applied to simply supported beams.
10 - Simply Supported Beams—Trapezoidal Load Calculates deflection, slope, moment, and shear for simply supported beams with distributed trapezoidal loads.
11 - Beams Fixed at Both Ends Calculates deflection, slope, moment, and shear for point, distributed, and moment loads applied to beams with rigidly fixed ends.
12 - Beams Fixed at Both Ends—Trapezoidal Loads Calculates deflection, slope, moment, and shear for distributed trapezoidal loads applied to beams with rigidly fixed ends.
13 - Propped Cantilever Beams Calculates deflection, slope, moment, and shear for point, moment and distributed loads applied to propped cantilever beams.
14 - Propped Cantilever Beams—Trapezoidal Load Calculates deflection, slope, moment, and shear for distributed trapezoidal loads applied to propped cantilever beams.
15 - Six-span Continuous Beams Solves for the intermediate couples present at the supports of continuous beams. Two to six spans are allowed.
16 - Steel Column Formula Computes allowable loads for steel columns. Column ends must be constrained by welds, rivets or in some other means which prevents deflection and rotation.
17 - Reinforced Concrete Beams Solves interchangeably between steel area, width, depth, concrete strength, steel strength and internal moment for reinforced concrete beams. Based on the American Concrete Institute code—ACI 318-71.
18 - Bolt Torque Calculates the torque that will yield a specified bolt load or the load resulting from a specified torque. The shear stress in the bolt may be calculated as an option.

Clinical Lab and Nuclear Medicine Lab  
Clinical Chemistry    
01 - Beer's Law Converts between absorbance and % transmittance; solves for an unknown concentration given a standard concentration and the absorbance or % transmittance of the standard and unknown.
02 - Protein Electrophoresis Given integration counts of a number of protein fractions, finds percentage of each. Calculation of weights optional.
03 - LDH Isoenzymes Given values for the five LDH isoenzymes, finds activity of each as a percent of total. Compares results against normal values.
04 - Body Surface Area Calculates an estimated BSA by method of Dubois or Boyd. Accepts either English or metric units.
05 - Urea Clearance Calculates urea clearance with option of correcting for BSA.
06 - Creatinine Clearance Calculates creatinine clearance with option of correcting for BSA.
07 - Amniotic Fluid Assay Performs calculations for the spectrophotometric estimation of bile pigments in amniotic fluid.
08 - Blood Acid-Base Status Finds total plasma CO2 and base excess from PCO2, pH and Hgb concentration.
09 - Oxygen Saturation and Content Finds oxygen saturation and content in blood given PO2, PCO2, pH, and body temperature.
10 - Red Cell Indices Given hematocrit percent, red cell count, and hemoglobin, finds mean corpuscular volume, mean corpuscular hemoglobin, and mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration.
Nuclear Medicine    
11 - Total Blood Volume Computes total blood volume by the radioisotope dilution method.
12 - Schilling Test The radioisotope determination of vitamin B12 absorption.
13 - Thyroid Uptake The radioisotope determination of thyroid uptake.
14 - Radioactive Decay Corrections Finds the activity of a radioisotope corrected for decay over time.
Isotopes Half-times
15 - Radioimmunoassay Computes least-squares regression line of logit of net counts vs. log concentration, including regression constants, correlation coefficient, and concentration for a given count.
16 - Basic Statistics Computes mean, standard deviation, standard error, and coefficient of variation for grouped or ungrouped data.
17 - Chi-square Evaluation and Distribution Computes the chi-square statistic for goodness of fit. For given x ≥ 0, finds the chi-square density function f(x) and the cumulative distribution P(x).
18 - t Statistics Computes the paired t statistic and the unpaired t statistic.
19 - t Distribution For a given x > 0, evaluates the t density function and cumulative distribution. Sketch

HP E.E. Pac I  
01 - Network Transfer Functions This program computes various transfer functions of a ladder network composed of any number of standard elements.
Menu Ex. 1 Ex. 2
02 - Reactive L-Network Impedance Matching This program computes networks which will match any two complex impedances. Sketch
03 - Class A Transistor Amplifier Bias Optimization This program simplifies the design of a class A transistor amplifier.
04 - Transistor Amplifier Performance This program computes the small-signal properties of a transistor amplifier given the h-parameter matrix and the source and load impedances.
05 - Transistor Configuration Conversion This program permits conversion among h-parameter matrices for CB, CE, or CC transistor configurations.
06 - Parameter Conversion: S⇌Y, Z, G, H This program allows conversion among various commonly used parameter sets.
07 - Fourier Series This program computes Fourier coefficients from samples of a periodic function. Ex. 1
08 - Active Filter Design This program computes element values for a standard filter circuit.
Lowpass Highpass Bandpass
See also: "00301D - 2nd Order Active Network Pole and Zero" in Library U.
09 - Butterworth or Chebyshev Filter Design This program computes component values for Butterworth or Chebyshev filters between equal terminations. The user may select various filter characteristics. Sketch
10 - Bode Plot of Butterworth and Chebyshev Filters
Jun 27, 2014
This program provides gain, phase, and group delay information for Bode plots of n-pole Butterworth or Chebyshev filters.
11 - Resistive Attenuator Design This program computes values for the resistors which yield an attenuator having any desired loss. Sketch
12 - Smith Chart Conversions This program converts among various radially scaled parameters (σ, ρ, SWR, R.L.) and also interconverts impedance and reflection coefficient.
13 - Transmission Line Impedance This program computes high frequency characteristic impedance for five types of transmission lines.
14 - Microstrip Transmission Line Calculations This program computes relative phase velocity and characteristic impedance for lossless microstrip. It also computes copper loss and resistance per unit length.
15 - Transmission Line Calculations This program computes the input impedance of lossy transmission line terminated in ZL.
16 - Unilateral Design: Figure of Merit, Maximum Unilateral Gain, Gain Circles This program computes u, Gu, Gmin, Gmax, G0, G1max, and G2max from a transistor's s-parameters. It also computes roi and ρoi from Gi ≤ Gimax (i = 1,2). Sketch
17 - Bilateral Design: Stability Factor, Maximum Gain, Optimum Matching This program computes the maximum gain available and the load and source reflection coefficients which yield the maximum gain.
18 - Bilateral Design: Gain and Stability Circles, Load and Source Mapping This program computes the location and radius of stability circles. It also computes the source or load reflection coefficient corresponding to a given load or source termination.

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