Program Library 2 for RPN-67 & 97

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For copyright reasons, documentation is not available for download. User's manuals in PDF format for all programs listed below
are available from The Museum of HP Calculators.

You may import cards into RPN-67 or RPN-97 – no manual conversion is required.
See section "Sharing" to learn how to load cards.

Pacs marked with a card image are presented using "real" cards (courtesy of Mark S. Puscas.)

Note to "Legendary-67" users:
A number of the programs provided below will not run correctly on "Legendary-67", the HP-67 simulator for iPhone. Some will not run at all.
This is due to implementation issues with that simulator. Programs are identical to those published by Hewlett-Packard, unmodified except where noted in the description. All of them have been verified to execute successfully on RPN-67 Pro.

HP Games Pac I  
01 - Game of 21
Aug 17, 2016
This card game is also known as blackjack.
02 - Dice
Aug 17, 2016
This includes the game of "Craps" as well as a dice roller.
03 - Slot machine The familiar one armed bandit.
04 - Submarine Hunt
Aug 17, 2016
Find and then sink the moving submarine with your depth charges.
05 - Artillery Can you locate and destroy the moving target before it destroys you?
06 - Space War
Aug 17, 2016
Your mission: Search out and annihilate the 3 evil Alglogs before time and energy are gone.
07 - Super Bagels
Nov 24, 2016
Based on "Mastermind." How fast can you guess the secret number?
08 - Nimk
Aug 17, 2016
Who will pick the last object from the last pile, you or the machine?
09 - Queen Board You and the calculator take turns moving a chess queen to its target. The one who moves last, wins.
10 - Hexapawn
Apr 25, 2015
You and the 67/97 command armies of 3 chess pawns each. Caution: The calculator learns from its mistakes.
Original HP-65 version written in 1975 by RPN-67 user John R. Rausch.
11 - Tic-Tac-Toe
Aug 17, 2016
Your best hope is to play the machine to a draw.
12 - Wari You have a reasonable chance of beating the HP-67/97, but beware of a smart human. This ancient game is also known as Man-Kalah.
13 - Racetrack Up to 5 players can race. Be alert to the differences between velocity and acceleration.
14 - Teaser
Aug 17, 2016
Changing from one pattern to the other looks easy, but ...
Game Description (from "What To Do After You Hit Return", 1975)
15 - Golf The HP Country Club course is challenging, but a duffer with his handicap can beat a champion.
16 - The Dealer This shuffles and deals a deck of cards to 4 people; it also calls Bingo.
17 - Bowling Scorekeeper
Aug 17, 2016
Tired of keeping score and missing the game? Here's your answer for up to 10 bowlers.
18 - Biorhythms Calculates cycle values for any date, and tells which of the next 33 days are critical, maximum or minimum days.
19 - Timer Offers 2 visible timers, a count-up and count-down timer, and allows splits to be taken.

HP Math Pac I
01 - Factors and primes Finds prime factors of an integer; finds all primes between two numbers.
02 - GCD, LCM, decimal to fraction Finds greatest common divisor and least common multiple of two integers; finds nearest fractional approximation for a decimal number.
03 - Base conversions
May 21, 2013
Converts a number in base b to its equivalent in base B (b, B < 100).
04 - Optimal scale for a graph; plotting Finds a "nice" scale for graphing a function; generates ordered pairs for a graph.
05 - Complex operations Arithmetic and several functions for complex numbers.
06 - Polynomial solutions Solves polynomial equations up to 5th degree.
07 - 4 X 4 matrix operations (2 cards) Computes determinant and inverse of 4 x 4 matrix, solves 4 simultaneous equations in 4 unknowns, by Gaussian elimination.
08 - Solution to f(x) = 0 on an interval Uses combination of bisection and secant method to guarantee rapid convergence to a root.
09 - Numerical integration
Jul 19, 2017
Trapezoidal rule and Simpson's rule for discrete case; Simpson's rule for functions known explicitly.
09a - Numerical integration
Jun 4, 2019
Trapezoidal rule and Simpson's rule for discrete case; Simpson's rule for functions known explicitly.
This version contains a fix to run correctly on RPN-67/97 versions up to the date shown at left.
10 - Gaussian quadrature Uses the six-point Gauss-Legendre quadrature method to find integrals over finite or infinite intervals.
11 - Differential equations Solves first- and second-order differential equations by the fourth-order Runge-Kutta method.
12 - Interpolations Linear, Lagrangian, and finite difference.
13 - Coordinate transformations Two- and three-dimensional translation and rotation of axes.
14 - Intersections Line-line, line-circle, circle-circle.
15 - Circles Circle determined by three points; equally spaced points on a circle.
16 - Spherical triangles Solutions to six cases of spherical triangles.
17 - Gamma function Computes Γ(x) for 1 ≤ x ≤ 70.
18 - Bessel functions, error function Computes the value of the Bessel functions Jn(x) and In(x); computes error function and complementary error function.
19 - Hyperbolics Finds hyperbolic functions and their inverses.

HP M.E. Pac I  
01 - Vector Statics Performs basic vector operations of addition, cross product, and dot product, and finds the angle between vectors.
02 - Section Properties (2 cards) The area, centroid, and moments of an arbitrarily complex polygon may be calculated using this program. Sketch
03 - Stress on an Element Reduces data from rosette strain gage measurement and performs Mohr circle analysis.
04 - Soderberg's Equation for Fatigue Solves for anyone of the seven variables of Soderberg's equation for fatigue.
05 - Cantilever Beams Calculates deflection, slope, moment and shear for point, distributed, and moment loads applied to cantilever beams.
06 - Simply Supported Beams Calculates deflection, slope, moment, and shear for point, distributed, and moment loads applied to simply supported beams.
07 - Beams Fixed at Both Ends Calculates deflection, slope, moment, and shear for point, distributed, and moment loads applied to beams with rigidly fixed ends.
08 - Propped Cantilever Beams Calculates deflection, slope, moment, and shear for point, moment and distributed loads applied to propped cantilever beams. Sketch
09 - Helical Spring Design Performs one or two point design for helical compression springs.
Sketch Table 1 Table 2
10 - Four Bar Function Generator Program designs four bar systems which will approximate an arbitrary function of one variable. Sketch 1 Sketch 2
11 - Progression of Four Bar System Calculates angular displacement, velocity, and acceleration for the output link of a four bar system. Sketch 1 Sketch 2
12 - Progression of Slider Crank Calculates displacement, velocity, and acceleration of the slider and angular velocity and acceleration of the connecting rod for the progression of a slider crank system. Sketch
13 - Circular Cams Computes parameters necessary for design of harmonic, cycloidal, circular cams with roller, flat or point followers.
14 - Linear Cams Computes the parameters necessary for design of harmonic, cycloidal, or parabolic profiles for linear cams with roller followers.
15 - Gear Forces Computes the reaction forces resulting from torque applied to helical, bevel, and worm gears.
16 - Standard External Involute Spur Gears Calculates parameters necessary for the design, manufacture, and testing of standard, external, involute, spur gears.
17 - Belt Length Computes belt length around an arbitrary set of pulleys.
Sketch Example 1
18 - Free Vibrations Calculates an exact solution to the differential equation for a damped oscillator vibrating freely.
19 - Vibration Forced by F0cos ωt Finds the steady-state solution for a damped oscillator forced by F0cos ωt.
20 - Equations of State Ideal gas relation plus Redlich-Kwong model of real gas behavior.
21 - Isentropic Flow for Ideal Gases Replaces isentropic flow tables for ideal gases in converging-diverging passages.
22 - Conduit Flow Calculates velocity or pressure drop for incompressible viscous flow in conduits.
23 - Heat Exchangers (4 card sides)
June 30, 2014
Performs analysis of counter-flow, parallel-flow, parallel-counter-flow and cross-flow (fluids unmixed) heat exchangers.

HP Navigation Pac I  
Course Planning Programs    
01 - Estimated Time of Arrival
June 30, 2014
An interchangeable solution involving speed, time, and distance.
02 - Great Circle and Rhumb Line Navigation
June 30, 2014
Computes great-circle distance and initial course. Produces one or more rhumb lines approximating the great circle.
03 - Dead Reckoning Predicts or keeps track of your dead reckoning position.
04 - Velocity triangle and Course to Steer An interchangeable solution for the vector addition problem. Also computes course to steer given boat speed and desired destination.
Sketch 1 Sketch 2
Celestial Navigation Programs    
05 - Star Sight Planner (3 cards)
Jan 4, 2015
Produces a list of available stars given location, date and time. Also gives approximate time of middle of morning and evening twilight periods.
06 - Almanac Interpolator Interpolates in Almanac for position of any body and reduces sight as well. Can be used to compute sextant setting for difficult-to-see objects.
07 - Sun Line of Position Computes a line of position from a Sun sight. This program is virtually a perpetual Sun almanac.
08 - Star Line of Position (7 cards) Computes a line of position from a star sight. This program is virtually a perpetual star almanac. Six data cards contain almanac data on all 57 navigational stars plus Polaris.
09 - Bearing Line of Position Produces a fix from bearing on two objects. May be used to provide a line of position.
10 - Two-Angle Line of Position Produces one or two lines of position for the Position Fixing program.
11 - Fix from Two Line of Position Uses two lines of position from any combination of above programs to compute a fix. Also computes running fixes.
Miscellaneous Programs    
12 - Radar Plotting - Closest Point of Approach Tracks two vessels simultaneously, computing range, bearing, and time of CPA. Also computes new course to steer to avoid another vessel by a specified distance.
13 - Distance by Horizon Angle Computes the distance to an object of known height either beyond or short of the horizon. Also can be used with vertical angles of objects.
14 - Beating to Windward From measurements made on your boat, your speed-made-good and course-made-good are calculated. Then time to the lay line, course and speed-made-good on the next tack, and time to the mark are computed.
Table Sketch 1 Sketch 2

HP Stat Pac I
01 - Basic Statistics for Two Variables Basic statistics for two variables, grouped or ungrouped.
02 - Factorial, Permutation and Combination Calculate factorial (extended range), permutation, and combination.
03 - Moments, Skewness and Kurtosis
(For Grouped or Ungrouped Data)
Moments, Skewness and Kurtosis are calculated for general (geometrical) description of a distribution, symmetry, relative peakness or flatness, etc.
04 - Random Number Generator Generate up to 500,000 different numbers.
05 - Histogram A histogram program for 24 intervals of equal width between specified upper and lower limits.
06 - Analysis of Variance (One Way)
Dec 23, 2016
This program is used to test the observed differences among k sample means.
07 - Two Way Analysis of Variance The row effects and the column effects are tested independently in the analysis of the total variability of a set of data.
08 - Analysis of Covariance (One Way) This program tests the effect of one variable separately from the effect of the second variable.
09 - Normal and Inverse Normal Distribution Polynomial approximation is used to calculate normal and inverse normal distribution.
10 - Chi-Square Distribution This program evaluates the chi-square density. A series approximation is used to evaluate the cumulative distribution.
11 - t Distribution This program evaluates the t density function and the cumulative distribution for a given x and degrees of freedom v.
12 - F Distribution This program evaluates the integral of the F distribution for given values of x(>0), degrees of freedom v1, v2, provided either v1 or v2 is even.
13 - Multiple Linear Regression Linear regression for two independent variables, using least squares method.
14 - Polynomial Approximation This program approximates in the least square sense the function f(x) by a polynomial of degree m, where 2 ≤ m ≤ 4. Data from equally spaced points are required.
15 - t Statistics Paired t statistic tests the null hypothesis H0: μl = μ2 for two observations.
t statistic for two means tests the null hypothesis H0: μl - μ2 = d for two independent random samples.
16 - Chi-Square Evaluation This program calculates the value of Χ2: statistic for the goodness of fit test.
17 - Contingency Table 2 x k and 3 x k contingency tables test the null hypothesis that two variables are independent.
18 - Spearman's Rank Correlation Coefficient This program tests whether 2 rankings are substantially in agreement with one another.
19 - x̅ and R Control Chart x̅(mean) and R (range) are used to decide periodically whether a process is in statistical control.
20 - Operating Characteristic Curves This program evaluates the probability Pa of acceptance for a single sampling plan with finite or infinite lot size.
21 - Single- and Multi-Server Queues Queueing theory for infinite customers and finite customers.

HP Surveying Pac I Updated June 2016 to show original HP card images
01 - Traverse, Inverse and Sideshots Reduction of field traverse data with closure and area calculation.
02 - Traverse Adjustment Adjustment of traverses by compass rule or Crandall's rule. Table
03 - Intersections Bearing-bearing, bearing-distance and distance-distance intersections and offset from a point to a line.
04 - Curve Solutions Calculation of parameters of circular curves. Sketch
05 - Horizontal Curve Layout Calculation of field data for layout of horizontal circular curves. Figure
06 - Spiral Curve Layout Calculation of field data for layout of spiral transition curves.
Figure 1 Figure 2
07 - Vertical Curves and Grades Station and elevation calculations for vertical curves and grades. Sketch
08 - Resection Solution of the "three point problem." Sketch
09 - Two Instrument Radial Survey Location of a point using a distance meter and theodolite. Sketch
10 - EDM Slope Reduction Reduction of slope distances measured with an Electronic Distance Meter.
11 - Stadia Reduction/3-Wire Leveling a. Reduction of Stadia observations to distance and elevation. Figure 1
b. Calculation of elevations for a line of wire levels. Figure 2
12 - Taping Reduction/Field Angle Check a. Correction and reduction of taped distances.
b. Reduction of field angle data.
13 - Azimuth of the Sun Calculation of the sun's azimuth from a solar observation. Example
14 - Predetermined Area
Corrected version, May 16, 2016
Location of one side of a land parcel to enclose a specified area.
Figure 1 Sketch 1 Figure 2 Sketch 2-1 Sketch 2-2
15 - Earthwork Calculation of volume by average end area and volume of a borrow pit.
Sketch 1 Sketch 2
16 - Coordinate Transformation Scaling, rotation and translation of coordinates from one system to a second. Table
17 - State Plane Coordinates—Lambert Conversion of geographic coordinates to and from state plane coordinates on Lambert projections. Data Cards (67)
18 - State Plane Coordinates—Transverse Mercator Conversion of geographic coordinates to and from state plane coordinates on transverse Mercator projections. Data Cards (49)
19 - State Plane Coordinates—Alaska Zones 2-9 Conversion of geographic coordinates to and from state plane coordinates for Alaska zones 2-9.

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