RPN-25 CE Program Examples

Many of the pre-installed programs of RPN-25 were taken from the book HP-25 Applications Programs. Their names begin with AP, followed by the page number of the program.

Programs with the prefix 29 were adapted from HP-19C/29C SOLUTIONS – MATHEMATICS" (Hewlett-Packard, 1977).

Programs prefixed 41– were adapted from Jean-Marc Baillard's amazing website.

You can restore or update the sample programs anytime by tapping Reload or Add Sample Programs on the program list screen.
Note that programs already listed are not restored, preserving any changes you may have applied to them.

Details about these programs may be found in the aforementioned book, available here (section Calculator Software Manuals).

A number of examples – all prefixed "HC–" – are based on the wonderful book "Computational Analysis with the HP-25 Pocket Calculator" by Peter Henrici (one of the math professors of the author of RPN-25 CE.)
Prof. Henrici died 10 years after he published the book, but it's still available on Amazon (ISBN-13: 978-0471029380).


Sample program
from HP-25 Applications Programs
(Hewlett-Packard, August 1975):

Downloading programs

This section explains how to download program files from the Internet.

If you run RPN-25 CE on devices prior to iOS 13, refer the description here.

This PDF document describes the required steps:
US Letter   |  A4.

For a try-out use the button below to download the program "Exponentiation of Power Series" in place of the RPN-34 sample program in the document:


This button downloads all sample programs included with RPN-25 CE:

RPN-25 CE version:
(Note that RPN-25 offers the Factorial function as a built-in
function, also for non-integer and negative arguments.)


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